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Not All Security Is Created Equal


Most employers know that keeping their company, its assets, data, and employees safe is crucial to running a successful business. In 2021 most, if not all, successful companies are making sure they are protected by hiring an IT team or an MSP (Managed Service Provider). While it’s great to have tools and professionals working to protect your data, it’s important to know that not all security is created equal. As technology becomes more deeply embedded into business and society in general, business owners and cybersecurity professionals are finding that not all security adequately protects information from cybercriminals who want to steal data, blackmail big corporations and take control of automated systems for malicious purposes. Now, more than ever, it’s important to not assume your security is up to date and adequately protecting your data. When looking to keep your data safe, we believe there are 3 key factors to consider as best practices.

Detection Through Next-Generation Security

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated. Each year, highly targeted attacks replace more ad hoc attempts, and it’s up to your security measures to quickly recognize the signs of an attack, understand what is being targeted and work on countermeasures to stop the attack. We can’t rely on being reactive any longer. That’s where next-generation security comes into play.

Next-generation security provides targeted defense measures that lead to the identification of more threats and, most importantly, faster detection rates. Next-generation security uses modern technologies such as AI, machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect new threats. This means that threats can be detected much earlier than previously thought. AI is constantly analyzing the behavior of an application, specifically looking for malicious behavior. If any part of the application is showing signs of being malicious, it is immediately shut down and monitored to determine if there were any suspicious attempts. We no longer have to wait to see if an application is behaving maliciously. With next-generation security, we can catch the behavior before it starts.

Here at VersaTrust, we are using next-generation security tools in connection with our highly trained and dedicated security team. We offer 24/7 monitoring, analysis and rapid response to sophisticated attacks. We know that next-generation solutions combine technologies, procedures and the right people working together to keep your data safe.

Training and Configuration

Recent studies have shown that 43% of employees lack regular cybersecurity training and that 73% of companies have at least one critical misconfiguration that could expose critical data and systems and give hackers access to sensitive information. So, for all the money companies are putting into advanced security, a majority aren’t even taking full advantage of basic security tools available to them, like employee education and secure configuration.

We understand that employee training is the biggest factor in fighting phishing attempts and online scams. Often, unsuspecting employees are tricked into providing hackers access to sensitive company data. Hackers typically investigate an individual or organization before carrying out attacks such as spear phishing or business email compromise. With employees connected to the internet around the clock, businesses are more vulnerable than ever to attacks. We know that hackers are targeting employees, yet the majority of companies do not provide adequate cybersecurity training.

Regular and up-to-date training can help give employees the necessary tools to prevent attacks. If employees are equipped with the knowledge of the characteristics of cyberattacks, they are more likely to avoid the pitfalls. In addition to training, companies should also empower employees to use good judgment and have a security mindset.

When you work with VersaTrust, you are partnering with a CISSP, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This is important because it means we take every precaution possible to ensure your business is secure. Your managed security provider must have the knowledge and training necessary to create a fully secure environment. We provide employee training, ethical hacking modules and quarterly and biyearly phishing campaigns. We work to make sure your company’s security plan is offensive rather than defensive.

Partnering with the Right MSP

A good MSP can offer your company several digital solutions, but not all MSPs are using next-generation security and solutions. Before you start working with an MSP, or if you’ve been working with one for a while now, you should sit down with them to find out if they are providing solutions and tools that are up to date and keeping your company’s information safe. We’ve provided some questions you could ask:

  • What are your qualifications? Are your employees CISSP certified?
  • What industries are trusting your MSP to defend them?
  • What are the tools you are using to keep your customers safe?
  • How recently have they been updated?
  • How do you respond if something does happen?

Ultimately, your security depends on updated technology and a team of people who know how to best use that technology.

VersaTrust Provides

We believe that if you focus on next-generation security and training and partner with the right MSP provider, your security will be taken care of. That’s where VersaTrust comes in. With smart integration and savvy innovation, we harness the power of existing, proven, and emerging technologies to provide streamlined, secure productivity platforms that work for your business. That’s the value we provide to our client base every day. No matter your business' focus, our business IT service professionals will ensure that your information technology is secured from cyber threats and running at peak performance. We provide the services that help you leverage technology and make the most out of cutting-edge IT solutions. Make sure your information is secure and reduce IT headaches by partnering with VersaTrust today.

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