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VersaTrust is an indispensable asset to our business, helping us make key technology decisions and managing our systems.

They work patiently to help us understand and use our technology and keep our systems running. They are responsive to our needs, and have proven their reliability and expertise over our many years of doing business together.

Financial Network Investment Corp

Our relationship with VersaTrust spans many years, and during that time they have done a stellar job at managing our IT systems and supporting our users.

With them managing our systems, we have very few issues and when there is an issue it is resolved very quickly remotely or on site. When we recently expanded, they helped us understand what was available and recommended a right-size solution for us that has given us room to grow but wasn’t overkill. We appreciate them enabling us to focus on the core business and not fight IT issues.

Wood Haus Inc.

Our multi-specialty physician group provides high-quality patient care to thousands of patients daily from 60+ locations around Tarrant County.

The complex, distributed technology that enables our physicians to deliver great care, and the data we generate, must be secure and available 24x7x365 both locally and remotely. This demands excellence from our employees and our vendors. VersaTrust has long been an integral part of our team, delivering critical IT management and support and providing the deep healthcare IT expertise and resourcefulness that has helped us scale and become more efficient. Our continued relationship is a testament to the quality of their service.

Texas Health Care, P.L.L.C.

When our full-time IT Manager left, we found that we had two choices: hire another full-time IT Manager or find an IT management firm and explore outsourcing.

We ultimately chose VersaTrust for the cost-effectiveness of their offering, depth of expertise and breadth of services. We remain very happy with our decision and continue to benefit significantly through our relationship with them.

Valley Creek Church

Our existing network was unable to keep up with our rapid business growth.

With over 10 years of previous experience with VersaTrust (formerly American Integration), I knew they were up to the task of updating, managing and supporting our network infrastructure. They have proven to be an integral part of our continued growth. I whole-heartedly recommend VersaTrust.

Multa Tech

For many years VersaTrust has been helping our organization by providing technology expertise, managing our critical systems and supporting our onsite IT person when she needs it.

We have annual business planning sessions on how we can use new and existing technology and processes to achieve our anticipated growth or better efficiency, and they always provide forthright, common sense recommendations to help us get to where we need to be. They reliably and quickly respond to our issues, and let us know when our systems have an issue before it affects our employees.

Clayton Yes

We have worked with VersaTrust since their inception in 1997, and continue to depend heavily on their business and IT expertise and responsiveness to keep our IT systems running optimally.

We appreciate their sense of urgency and common sense approach to resolve issues and help us with the right technology. When we recently had a need to replace our servers, they consolidated them using server virtualization, which has saved us thousands in hardware and power consumption costs, and which takes up less space in our data closet. We are very happy with the service they provide and will continue to rely on them.


VersaTrust has been providing us complete computer support for several years and our city has been impressed with their service, including but not limited to their knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to excellence

When our previous computer IT contractor decided to downsize his business and not renew his contract with us, we were faced with the complicated task of going out for bids in order to find another IT Support company. We had a list of requirements when we started looking for an IT company to manage our infrastructure. A few notable requirements were that they had to be local for prompt support and have a history of stability in city government through positive city references, guaranteed response times, be approved by Texas DPS for IT and personnel security requirements and also be able to provide telephone systems capabilities. Out of several vendors we interviewed, VersaTrust stood above the rest in meeting our specifications and budgetary limitations. We made the decision to do business with them and the city has never regretted that decision. They continue to manage our systems, help us advance our technology within our budget and strive to respond quickly every time we have issues. I have no reservations in highly recommending VersaTrust to anyone as the complete computer IT Support Service.

City of River Oaks

We have been with VersaTrust for several years now, their technical expertise helped us thru our EHR implementation and our growth as a company over the years.

From minor printer installations to server migrations and virus infections their techs have been a vital asset to our clinic and staff. They have expanded their own operation to keep up with the demand of our growth and that of their other clients. VersaTrust understands that our business requires as little downtime as possible and they work with us to schedule maintenance at a time that fits our needs, their afterhours support has also been there for us to minimize any impact to clinic operations.

Consultants in Cardiology/Texas Health Resources

For many years, VersaTrust has managed our critical systems and works with us on desktop support and projects as needed.

They stay ready for our 911 dispatch system 24×7 and have helped us get back up quickly when we’ve had major outages. They’ve proven to be responsive and are ready to help any time we need it. Our relationship provides the City with strategic IT backup to our internal staff and ensures that City IT services are up and available at all times. We highly value our relationship with VersaTrust and look forward to many more years of great service.

City of Azle

All I can Say about VersaTrust is that they are an AWESOME Company.

We began our partnership with them over 10 years ago when we had a problem with another vendor not being able to resolve a serious issue. VersaTrust resolved it quickly, and have become our Ace In The Hole for all of our unusual and complex IT problems. If you have a problem that seems unsolvable by others, call VersaTrust.

Fort Worth Community Credit Union