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VersaTrust has been serving the Texas area since 1997 , providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Recently, our community has been reminded that disasters, both natural and human-caused, affect people and communities in different life-altering ways. We know that, as a community, we are resilient and we will recover.

We also understand that businesses are struggling to ensure business continuity during these times. Any catastrophe can cause serious system outages, and they can be costly and stress inducing at best. In the worst-case scenario, they can cause firms to close their doors permanently. Technology is essential to almost all operational processes today, so experiencing downtime means you can’t answer customer inquiries, develop new products, run production lines, ship your product or keep your employees productive.

The Cost of Disaster

Natural disasters threaten lives, land and livelihood at an alarming rate, and their increasing frequency and risk cannot be taken lightly. We’ve most recently seen the toll of a natural disaster right in our own backyard. In 2020, California fires burned more acres in a single year than ever before, and Colorado suffered the 3 largest fires in state history. Hurricanes significantly damaged the Florida Panhandle; tropical storms caused widespread flooding in the south; and tornadoes raged through Texas, Oklahoma and many southern states.

According to recent data, 40% to 60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster, and 90% fail in the following year if they’re unable to restore operations within 5 days. Despite these changes, just 20% of businesses, or one in five, don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. With the cost of downtime starting at $10K per hour for small businesses, it’s shocking that only 2% of businesses can recover in less than one hour.

How Do You Keep Your Company Safe?

If you want to ensure business continuity, you need to be looking at cloud servers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The cloud is changing the way businesses handle applications, information and access. IaaS provides completely cloud-based solutions that are deployed to all of your organization’s infrastructure through a cloud environment. This means that your security can be applied to all hardware on your network in one swift motion, rather than to each machine individually. Additionally, all of your data can be accessed from almost anywhere. With a cloud-based solution, backups from physical or virtual servers can be restored in a virtual environment. Cloud-based servers and applications allow your company’s data to be stored in multiple locations, meaning the infrastructure is mirrored in at least two different locations. If something was to happen in one area, your data would be protected and available in the others.

Cloud-based IaaS solutions offer many advantages:

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery – You can recover a physical or virtual server in the event of a disaster. No more restoring of servers.
  • Minimized Cost – You won’t have to worry about the cost of a secondary data center or disaster recovery.
  • Automatic Geo-Redundancy – Your servers are automatically transferred to another location if a disaster arises.
  • Infinite Growth Capacity – Your company will not be limited by the size of their servers.
  • Limitless Teamwork – Team members can share, collaborate and communicate on projects.

How VersaTrust Can Help

VersaTrust is proud to offer Microsoft Azure cloud-based infrastructure to businesses all over Texas.

The benefits of Azure for your business include:

  • Maintaining business continuity – With Azure you can deploy simple, cost-effective and efficient cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to minimize business disruption.
  • Enabling productivity – You can ensure secure connectivity for remote workers so they can access business apps and data in Azure or on-premises from any device – all with an improved user experience.
  • Ability to implement security anywhere – Your company can extend security management to any infrastructure, including on-premise, cloud and everything in between.
  • Modernizing on-premise infrastructure – You can build and deploy a consistent hybrid environment using the most up-to-date tools and security.

We know that moving to the cloud may seem like a daunting idea. That’s why we are here to help. With our team of experts, you can decide the best course of action for you and your company. We will help you break down your needs – analyze your business processes, servers and applications. Together, we can determine the best solution. We help companies move some or all of their servers to the cloud and go over the pros and cons of all options.

We want to keep your company and your data safe and performing at all times. Our goal is to keep you moving, even if you can’t reach your building or servers.