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Few organizations today are not full of data. Just about every piece of paper that was once relegated to a filing cabinet is now safely stored in the ether. You’re constantly collecting valuable information about your company or city, constituents or clients, partners and vendors, as well as projects, opportunities, audits, regulation compliance and the ins and outs of your systems. These bits of data are scattered across a series of Excel spreadsheets, databases, call logs, and web forms – you get the point.

With all of this data siloed, you don’t have an overarching picture of what’s happening in your organization.

And that leaves money on the table.

3 Powerful Business Use Cases for Big Data Analytics

Big data pulls disparate points together to create a single conversation. By using business intelligence with your IT services, you can spot trends and make better decisions that create real business advantages.

1. Bring products and services to market that people want

Companies like Netflix don’t get millions of users based on luck. They build profiles to analyze customer preferences and make data-backed predictions about what people will pay for.

Your data on clients and solutions is just as valuable.

Cities, take note, too. By classifying customer (constituent) information, you can look for patterns. You’ll see what people are interested in, what their needs are, when they first engaged with you and why they chose your company.

From there, you can intelligently refine your services, expand into new products or even justify a price increase.

2. Get more clients

Your webpages, social platforms, emails, videos and ads send countless real-time signals about what people are interested in.

Analyzing the clicks and data tells you about your prospects’ problems.

In some cases, you can zero in on what a specific person is interested in. Sales reps can then personalize their approach to maximize impact and net you new business.

3. Minimize disruptions and budget surprises

Whether it’s server failure at the police department or a ransomware attack at city hall, unexpected curveballs cause massive disruptions and expense. Security issues in particular are increasingly problematic, creating issues with regulation compliance and insurance requirements.

Knowledge is power.

Aggregating critical compliance information, security insights, log entries and procedures creates a comprehensive overview that can simplify compliance and security for even those organizations that have rigorous requirements. This knowledge allows you to pour fewer manual hours and resources into tracking and administration over compliance programs, while giving you an even more insightful view of where you stand.

Big data breaks silos, but you need a way to turn it into information.

That’s where business intelligence solutions comes in.

How IT Services are Paving the Way Forward

The solutions for managing the mass quantities of data at your disposal are extraordinary – if you know how to set them up and use them. More IT providers are stepping in and creating data management packages that allow organizations to do more with less and work smarter, not harder.

Many of these solutions are powered by cloud services and Power BI (which is part of most Microsoft 365 subscriptions). Through that, companies can visualize data and make better decisions or provide more accurate compliance reporting.

Charts, graphs and maps are more powerful than raw numbers.

You strengthen pitches to partners, boost credibility in marketing materials and have better meetings when you use data visualizations to make your point. It becomes easier to spot patterns, isolate what’s critical and make impactful business decisions.

In Power BI you can:

See What Big Data Can do for You

The amazing thing about business intelligence is that the possibilities are (virtually) endless. But you have to see it to believe it. Contact VersaTrust today and let’s talk about how you can tap into analytics to work smarter, not harder.

See What Big Data Can Do For You