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IT Security Audit Services

Experienced and reliable IT Security Audit Services in Fort Worth, Texas.

Versatrust’s IT audit services provide an unbiased and objective examination of an organization’s IT infrastructure, control configuration, and regulatory compliance through in-depth testing and expert analysis. Our team gathers and assesses proof of your organization’s technological controls, policies and procedures, and other relevant paperwork as part of our IT audit services to guarantee the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of mission-critical systems and data. In order to ensure effectiveness throughout the audit process, our team collaborates closely with yours.

Does Your Business Require IT Security Audit Services

As the online business world continues to grow worldwide, the threats to the industry increase at the same time. Be it internal or external, having a way to prevent or find a solution to such risks becomes a necessity. With Versatrust’s IT Security Audit Services, one can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Finding and fixing control gaps
  • Review and improve security measures to adequately safeguard delicate IT and information assets
  • Ensure that all data security, privacy, and cybersecurity laws are followed
  • Increase the entire security posture of your company.

Our Security Audit Services Process

While the IT audit scope is constantly expanding and depends primarily on the nature and complexity of the client’s operation, Versatrust’s IT audit process features the following basic steps:

Discovery Stage

Perform a thorough analysis of the administrative, technological, and physical controls in use throughout an organization’s IT operation.

Analysis Stage

Analyze the data collected to find any potential control holes and risk exposure. Our team of analysts are equipped with the current industry trends and knowledge to help our clients analyze and find solutions to their IT auditing needs.

Reporting Stage

Send a thorough report with explanations of the risks and control gaps you’ve found, along with suggestions for improvement.

Versatrust’s IT Security Audit Services

Management and Supervision

For the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of current controls, our team will examine your whole IT organization, including IT management procedures, defined authority and responsibility among staff members, strategic planning, and audit resolution monitoring.

System Controls and General Network Security

Our experts will examine the access restrictions and security settings on your local and wide-area networks for this domain study. Additionally, our team will assess the physical security of IT equipment and processes related to IT governance.

Policies and Guidelines

Our team will analyze the usage and administration of your IT infrastructure, including your disaster recovery/business continuity plan, incident response, and information security program, in order to gauge the dependability and effectiveness of measures within this domain.

Controls for Applications

Our team will assess the effectiveness of controls in the mission-critical business applications and service delivery channels of your firm.

Providers of Third-Party Technology Services

Here, our team will examine your vendor relationship management procedures for outside technology service providers and evaluate current risk management measures.

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