Does your Hospital, Surgery Center, Medical Groups or Private Practice need an IT specialist?

Your days are consumed by caring for the needs of your patients.

You don’t have time to waste with technology that doesn’t operate as efficiently or as quickly as it should.

You’ve come to depend on your technology to get more done in less time. But poorly maintained and monitored, the tools you’ve put in place, to save you time and money, will cost you thousands in productivity and efficiency.

Is there a solution?

VersaTrust is the IT team with expert knowledge of the healthcare industry’s needs.

We have the skills to customize an IT plan to meet the needs of your hospital, surgery center or healthcare practice and keep your IT system running smoothly for you.

VersaTrust doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches.  We believe each healthcare business is unique and deserves a custom-designed approach to IT challenges and infrastructure.

You specialize in taking care of people—we specialize in taking care of the tools you need so that you can focus your energies on the care and treatment of your patients.

By partnering with VersaTrust, you add these advantages to your healthcare business:

  • Remote monitoring to ensure security
  • HIPAA-compliant data centers – for assurance that patient health records are being appropriately stored
  • The ability to meet and exceed HIPAA Omnibus requirements
  • An easily-budgeted monthly payment that lowers your current cost of IT management
  • Management of IT vendors
  • Optimization of IT systems to enhance workflow
  • HIPAA risk assessments, compliance, and management


Already have internal IT staff?

That’s great! We love working with other technology professionals.

We would be privileged to come alongside your internal IT staff to relieve them from the tedium of daily tasks. This co-managed scenario frees up your valuable in-house IT staff to handle internal IT tasks and focus on pro-growth projects.

Let’s get started!

Contact us now at (817) 595-0111 or to learn how VersaTrust can help your healthcare business.