2017 brought the biggest ransomware outbreak ever seen: WannaCry, over 150 countries impacted.

Last year also brought one of the biggest breaches ever recorded: Equifax, with almost half the US population impacted.

Basic firewalls and anti-virus software are no longer enough to keep sensitive data safe.

Versatrust provides Fortified IT and Security: an impenetrable fortress for business technology. If your business technology isn’t secure, it’s guaranteed a data breach with occur at some point.

Now is the time to deploy bulletproof IT security measures.

What Does Fortified IT and Security Include?

  • $1 Million Guarantee Against Infection

A $1 million (or $1,000 per infected endpoint) guarantee against infection, including ransomware, with proactive enterprise-grade malware protection.

  • Regular Monitoring/Alerting of the Dark Web

Regular monitoring and alerting for compromised accounts posted to the dark web eliminates worry about identity theft.

  • Cloud-Based Internet Security

Cloud-based Internet security covers all bases – encompassing DNS security, anti-SPAM software, malicious link sandboxing, web activity reporting, and more.

  • Cloud-Based Data Backup and Business Continuity

Cloud-based data backup and business continuity gives uninterrupted access to data, regardless of any disaster, human error or malicious activity.

  • Proactive Network Management and Monitoring

Proactive network management and monitoring by Versatrust’s network operation center provides a security umbrella, keeping systems and software reliable.

When it comes to Business Technology Security…Versatrust is the trusted choice.

Top-notch client services with an emphasis on constant communication and fine-tuned processes. Everything you need to keep data secure.

Experience it for yourself.