With TV shows like Black Mirror captivating audiences around the world, it’s no wonder this addiction to technology is also reflected in the marketplace. This theatrical fiction became true when it revealed the vulnerabilities in technology. The press named them Meltdown and Spectre. Both Spectre and Meltdown allow attackers to access data. The difference between […]

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Google Hangouts is a convenient and user-friendly way to have a video call with clients, coworkers, or friends. These meetings can be easily recorded for playback later or to upload to YouTube. Of course, this video meeting software is designed to work with G Suite, Google’s suite of products that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google […]

Working in the finance sector, you need to be able to use, store, and transfer sensitive data quickly and seamlessly.

Healthcare providers are searching for simpler ways they can communicate with patients. It can be tedious to schedule all communication in person or over the phone, so medical professionals are looking for another way. Email has become a popular form of communication for those in the healthcare industry, but there are questions about its legality […]

Two critical vulnerabilities were found in Intel chips that could result in a malicious attacker stealing your data, such as photos, emails, documents, browsers, and password managers. How can this affect you? The vulnerabilities called “Meltdown” and “Spectre,” can affect nearly every system built since 1995. This includes computers and phones. A proof-of-concept code was […]

Intel processors are having a Meltdown while AMD and ARM are being attacked by a Spectre. Is a James Bond villain making our computers freak out? No, it’s a new vulnerability found within these processors that affects Windows PCs, Linux, Mac, and even Android phones. A fix has been identified, named KAISER, and all the […]

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