By following these simple steps, you can make your website stand out from the crowd with shining star ratings in Google’s search results.   Have you ever tried searching for your own business on Google?  If your business has a website, you likely pay attention to the content on your site, the efficacy of your […]

Starting on Tuesday, October 24th, reports of a new strand of ransomware dubbed Bad Rabbit, began appearing in Russia and Ukraine. The virus is a wide-reaching and fast-spreading malware infection that initially targeted media and government institutions in Europe. The virus targeted institutional giants in Ukraine including a local airport, the Ministry of Infrastructure and […]

Construction companies, be they large or small, have some unique aspects of their business that make them a different kind of business from others that rely on a managed service provider.  With programs like CAD, construction project planning and procurement of materials are unique to that industry and would require an MSP that is dedicated […]

Wondering what the HITRUST/AMA workshop partnership means for your business?  Here’s a brief primer on the new workshops being rolled out, and what you can do to increase cybersecurity.   Cyber risk is everywhere.  While we all know it’s real, it’s hard to conceptualize in real-world terms.  Instead, we remember that one time that Target […]

Whether you believe that more screen space equals higher productivity or simply more room for distraction, the dual monitor discussion isn’t going away anytime soon.   Walking into an IT department in most offices may make you feel as though you’re in some futuristic movie:  with multiple screens shifted at all angles, all with variations […]

Small to mid-size businesses around the country are considering how to maintain data security in the aftermath of one of the largest data breaches in history at Equifax.  How can you ensure that your business has critical patches covered while still staying focused on operational effectiveness? Recent national news regarding big data breaches in organizations […]

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